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The first ever paint roller cover, invented by Rubberset Company in the 1940's, was a piece of carpet applied to a cardboard cylinder!


For over 125 years, Rubberset Company has been a leader in the Paint Applicator industry. Originally incorporated as the Rubber & Celluloid Harness Trimming Co, Rubberset Company's first factory in Newark, NJ opened in 1873. This is where Rubberset patented the "Genuine Rubberset Process" in 1878. This process involved setting brushes in rubber and revolutionized the applicator industry as painters everywhere began switching to Rubberset® brushes.
By responding to the paint industry's needs and monitoring the availability of raw materials, Rubberset Company continued to produce innovative products of the highest quality and value throughout the 20th century. The development of the first all nylon paint brush and the creation of the first paint roller not only changed the shape of the paint industry, but also allowed the Rubberset® name to become synonymous with quality painting tools.
Today's Rubberset® family of products encompasses an in-depth line of quality applicators and painting tools for every type of painting project for both the professional and consumer markets. Continued attention to the paint consumer and paint technology will guide Rubberset Company through another century of being the paint industry's tool and applicator leader.